Work With Me

“Ana will draw you toward yourself if you’re willing to go, in a very compassionate and straight forward manner.”


What change would you like to see in your life?

So many people are carrying within them quietly concealed sorrow that their life is less than they long for, and they’ve simply learned to live with it.

Does anything trouble you about yourself or your life that you wish you could change, but it seems impossible? Maybe some of this is familiar –

  • Difficult relationships with family, your partner, friends or colleagues.
  • A job that’s just a job and doesn’t light you up, but how can you leave
  • A home that doesn’t feel like home, in a place you don’t want to be.
  • Abandoned longings that have been overtaken by responsibility.
  • Thinking you can never have what you want without hurting someone.
  • Feeling you’ve no idea what you want, but it’s not the reality you’re in now.

Break out of limiting beliefs and move forward.

  • I’m a gifted intuitive and I can see with clarity where you are in your life, and what help you need to move forward.
  • We dive straight into the negative beliefs we discover you’re holding about yourself and start lifting them away.
  • I have no fixed programme, you are unique and inspire me to teach what I sense you need in grounded and practical ways that work for you.
  • I have simple explanations, ready examples, lots of laughter and I open windows of understanding for light to flood in.
  • Wherever you may be unable to find words, I can see and express what you’re holding, so that you feel known and understood.
  • We work towards uncovering what you haven’t understood are your strengths, and what needs to happen for you to bring about change.
  • Whatever feels difficult to face I lead you to it, and keep encouraging and shining a light at every step.

Working together, what we want is to bring you to -

A fuller, deeper and more positive understanding of yourself and what has been holding you back.

Clarity around what it is that you want to change, and what action needs to be taken to make it happen.

A happier and more hopeful heart, learning to love and appreciate all that you are, and all that you bring to the world.

Why Me?

“I have felt my foundations cracking and crumbling beneath me as I acknowledged how little of my life had brought me real joy, and yet I chose it and carried on living it without question. So many people make do, in most cultures we’re conditioned to conform and to accept our lot, this is as good as it gets, I can’t complain, I’m very lucky… To break out of that carefully constructed carapace is really hard, and such a risk. We’re so afraid of the unknown.”

I wrote that in 2011, three years into a journey that changed my life in every way. It meant letting go of all the influences that I’d allowed to control me, working on myself with wonderfully gifted teachers, learning and living change. Finally I found my way home to deeper understanding of myself, and a new purpose and vision of the life I want. It’s given me the wisdom, experience and depth of compassion to help others see past the constraints in their lives, and find the freedom to choose what they thought was out of reach.

How I Work

How much change you want is entirely up to you. You choose whether we’re dealing with one small but difficult step to take, a much bigger life revival, or anything in between. You could feel you’re done in one session, move on to more, or take a break to put into action what has been learned, and return again when you’re ready. If you feel drawn, try a free thirty minute session and see how it feels.

I work face to face via Skype, Messenger video, Zoom, or Face Time, whichever is your preference. This free session is for us to explore what you want to work on, and for each of us to decide if we’re a good fit. If I feel I’m not the best match for what you need, I’ll guide you to others I think you may work with well.

Meeting online as above, we dig deeper and I help you to draw out all the causes of stress and concern you have around the difficulty you’re facing. I offer guidance, sensitivity and understanding, a good laugh, and a way forward. Within 48 hours of the session I email you a resume of what we discovered, deeper insight I’ve felt on reflection, and a practical plan of action.

Your Investment – €90

This is for clients who’ve already had one sixty minute session, or more, and are still working on it. If you feel you’ve hit an obstacle, or need further clarity about anything at all, we can have a thirty minute refresher and find ways to boost your inspiration. And within 48 hours I email you a brief outline of what we discussed and any new recommendations.

Your investment – €50

“Everyone should have an Ana in their life, and I feel very lucky to have her in mine.”