At sixty, Ana stepped out of a conventional business career in the UK and let go of pretty much everything. With no clear plan, simply a desire for something more and the space to find it, she moved to the countryside of Italy, and later France, facing change after change. Ten years spent soul searching, listening, and learning has brought her a deeper, richer understanding of life, and a new and compelling sense of purpose.

Part of that purpose is to write, sharing the experiences of a long and interesting life, and finding meaning and messages in the every day. Sometimes funny, always clear eyed and unsentimental, she speaks from the heart, reminding us that we’re all connected by what we feel, whoever and wherever we are.

Moved to share all she’s learned at first hand in reinventing her own life, Ana also works one to one, guiding people to build their courage and follow their heart. With keen intuition and an ear for the unspoken, she is safe, steady ground and a loving presence, guiding others through the maze of opening up their lives to change.

Living close to nature, with animals as her family, Ana has become passionate about loving and caring for the Earth. In a troubled world she knows that coming back into balance with nature is needed now like never before. Her vision is of smaller communities working in harmony with the Earth, embracing both age old traditions and new technologies in healthy, balanced and rewarding ways. This is her dream in the making.